E-QYP Assessments

Age Group-Based Quizzes to Reflect Your Knowledge of Developmental Domains.

Quality youth development programs look to attract and employ staff and volunteers that have a working knowledge of child and adolescent development, and how to apply those principles to interactions and activities for children and teens.
Test your basic knowledge of child snd adolescent principles and their applications.  See what areas (physical, cognitive, social and emotional development) you know and understand, and areas where you need to learn and grow.

Pre-Tests | Quizzes

6 to 8 Yr Olds

Children and education, kids reading book in park

9 to 11 Yr Olds

Group of children looking at bug in jar

12 to 14 Yr Olds

15 to 18 Yr Olds

Bible Study

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Click on the App (left) or Book (right) to learn more about how E-QYP can expand and enhance —
  • your understanding of child and youth development,
  • how you can apply that information to your interactions with kids and teens, and
  • fun and engaging age-appropriate activities you provide.

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