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Check out the Elements of the E-QYP App:

Your first selection in E-QYP is by Age and Developmental Domain:
Ages are grouped into four categories:
  • 6-8 Year Olds (K-2nd Graders/Early Elementary Schoolers; Young Children)
  • 9-11 Year Olds (3rd – 5th Graders/Late Elementary Schoolers; Older Children)
  • 12-14 Year Olds (6th – 8th Graders/Middle Schoolers; Pre-/Young Teens)
  • 15-18 Year Olds (9th – 12th Graders/High Schoolers; Older Teens)
Developmental Domains are grouped into four recognized areas of Human Development:
  • Physical Development
  • Cognitive Development
  • Social Development
  • Emotional Development
In the App, touch a BOX and you’re brought to the Sub Domain topics.
For each Developmental Domain, we have broken down the information into easy-to-understand sub-domains. 
  • Physical Development: Growth; Motor Skills; Physical Needs and Energy Level; and Appearance.
  • Cognitive Development: Learning; Self-Understanding; Mental Operations; Language Skills; and Motivating/Questioning.
  • Social Development: Dependencies; Peer Influence; Gender Relation; Group Dynamic; Cooperation; and Roles & Recognition.
  • Emotional Development: Acceptance; Self-Evaluation; and Failure and Disobedience.
This allows the user to select one sub-domain and review and one element of a developmental domain at a time.

Other features include:
  • The ability to change age and domain choices at the top of the page,
  • The ability to share E-QYP with others, and
  • E-QYP Pro versions allowing Notes and Bookmarks as a registered user.
Now, within your choice of Age, Developmental Domain and one of its Sub-Domains, four types of information are provided:
  • Developmental Characteristics (What is happening developmentally for children and youth at this age).
  • How to Apply this Information (How to use what is happening developmentally to inform your interactions and activity choices.)
  • Sample Activities (Examples of the types of activities that are age- and developmentally-appropriate for the young people with which you work or volunteer.)
  • Web Resources (A gateway to fun, creative program and activity-focused websites, learning and “how to” videos, and creative activities shared by like-minded professionals and volunteers on Pinterest.)
Each one is shared in the next tabs.
Staff and volunteers need a basic understanding of child and adolescent development to work and interact effectively with kids and teens.
  • E-QYP provides child and adolescent development concepts and principles in easy to read and understand, yet academically-sound fashion for each age and sub-domain topic.
  • By understanding the information provided, staff and volunteers can then turn to how to apply the information in their interactions and work.
  • Beyond workers learning and using the information, supervisors can use it to coach a team of staff and volunteers, or for individual guidance and direction.

E-QYP does not believe the information we provide is all you need to understand about child and adolescent development to be effective with young people, but it’s a great starting point and easy-to-access reference.  We encourage you to take advantage of local trainings and workshops, community college courses, and four year degree programs, like Clemson University’s online B.S. in Youth Development Leadership.
Go to the “Education, Training, Accreditation & Certification, and Career Development” Tab on the E-QYP Dashboard to see a sample list of colleges and universities offering child and adolescent development studies.
The most powerful part of E-QYP!  How to take child and adolescent information, and translate it into action with young people.
  • “How To Apply This Information” translates the basic child and adolescent development information provided in the previous element into sound approaches for interacting with young people, based on age and developmental considerations.
  • This element takes students who have studied child and adolescent development from textbooks and the classroom and helps coach them on how to apply the principles and theories they have learned in real chid and youth program settings.
By focusing on HOW to apply child and adolescent development concepts and principles, E-QYP supports improved interactions and relationships, better activities, and better outcomes.
E-QYP provides the right activities for the right reasons, appropriately addressing the developmental needs of kids and teens.
  • Sample Activities provide ideas and suggestions that you can try, or ideas that you can translate to your specific program setting.
  • Activities are aligned with where kids and teens are developmentally, for maximum involvement and engagement.
  • Use the Sample Activities as a springboard to other fun and creative activities that are age and developmentally-appropriate.
The next element, Web Resources, available on the iOS, Windows, and Droid E-QYP Pro versions, opens up thousands of program activity ideas to provide to young people!
For the Age and Sub-Domain chosen, E-QYP provides a “gateway” to  program and activity focused resources:
  • Web Site “Activities” Resources, sharing leading program-focused websites that open up thousands of activity ideas.
  • “Learning” and “How To” Videos that provide a deeper understanding of the sub-domain topic, or how to do certain activities.
  • EQYPro on Pinterest provides you with a broad range of fun, creative ideas and activities for kids and teens, organized by age and developmental domain.
Launch into program and activity resources that the E-QYP app has organized for you, and share new ideas and activities with us at info@E-QYP.net.

E-QYP provides practitioner-driven, academically sound information at your fingertips to support better interactions, better programming, and better outcomes for children and youth!

... and now, a fun introduction to E-QYP!