Preventing Summer Staff Burnout

Bored DuoAn eight to ten week, full-day summer program can be stressful and exhausting for staff.  The long days and cumulative weeks supervising and providing activities for a group of young people can take its toll.  Monitor how each staff person is doing, and look to spend individual time with them to see how they are doing.  Just knowing you understand the stresses summer camp and you can offer some insight can go a long way.  Additionally, plan to do something special at regular intervals throughout the summer that helps staff step back from the program and relax.

There is an excellent article from the American Camping Association well worth the read by Summer program supervisors, managers and directors, “Facilitating Healthy, Well, and Wise Camp Staff.”  The American Camping Assocation also provides 10 TIPS to share with your staff to help them stay focused and avoid burnout.

As you monitor your program and see staff that may need some coaching, use the E-QYP tools (App, Book, or E-Book) to supportively help fine tune the staff person’s performance.

Finally, celebrate and communicate successes and special contributions throughout the summer, highlighting the efforts and activities of different staff so they can all see how they are contributing to a successful summer program.

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