Preparing Your Summer Staff

Child-SocialPreparing Summer staff for the experience of being part of your day or residential camp is important.  The first element of your staff training should include organizational standards, activities and expectations, including personnel standards, security and safety standards and procedures, health and emergency procedures, transportation policies, behavior management and participant/parent relations.

Next, you want to review child and adolescent development information with your staff so they understand how to best connect with the young people they are working with, and how to provide a range of activities to keep your program fresh and fun.  Our E-QYP resources, whether in App, Book, or E-Book form can best meet this purpose.  The E-QYP content lets you shape the discussions and training with staff, and also serves as a great reference tool for each staff person to have.

With understanding your organization’s expectations and the needs and interests of the young people you serve, you can now turn to your camp’s theme and aligning activities to the themes, as described in the earlier article by Christine Stuart.  Don’t forget to intersperse team building exercises to build team cohesiveness among your experienced and new staff.  Two resources we suggest include the American Camp Assocation’s Essential Staff Training Activities and Eric Dingler’s Summer Camp and Other Seasonal Staff Training Ideas.

Finally, the staff at iD Tech provide 10 areas of focus to keep in mid as you prepare your summer staff.  You can read their helpful suggestions at iD Tech.

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