E-QYP – A Campus-Wide Resource

For Professors:

E-QYP content — whether through book formats or the app — serves as a great supplement to child and adolescent development textbooks, adding how to apply the theory and sample activities in a very practical way.  E-QYP is being used for student projects and papers, and as a resource for students doing practicums and internships in the child and youth development field.
E-QYP is a resource for Schools of Human Development, Family Science, Education, Social Work, Psychology, Sociology, Recreation Management and related departments and fields of study.  Professors can CONTACT US to request a review copy of Equipping Quality Youth Development Professionals or the E-QYP app.


“The textbook world often is one of dry concepts, very often with little help at applying science to action. E-QYP bridges that gap between the world of ideas and the world of action, giving a solid science basis for actually working with youth; coupled with engaging and value-added activities that further positive youth development. I see E-QYP as being ideal for “bringing alive” this textbook world.”

Jay A.Mancini, Ph.D.
Haltiwanger Distinguished Professor of Human Development and Family Science,
and Director of the Family and Community Resilience Laboratory,
The University of Georgia

“At Clemson University, we see E-QYP’s role in enhancing youth work in at least three ways.  First, E-QYP can be used as a stand-alone resource for youth workers or volunteers who are involved in facilitating programs and activities for children and youth.  The activities and resources are practical, youth-friendly, easy to implement, and based on sound developmental science.  Second, the E-QYP content and framework can be used as a platform for building customized, agency-specific training programs on child and adolescent development, implementing developmentally-appropriate activities, and outcomes-based youth programming.  E-QYP’s low per-unit cost can be easily accommodated into most individual or agency budgets.  Finally, E-QYP can be used to supplement existing training and professional development programs.  It can be used as an electronic resource or textbook for courses related to child growth and development, youth program design, or activity leadership and facilitation.  The number of ways to use the tool will undoubtedly grow as E-QYP continues to penetrate the youth development marketplace.
“Clemson University is proud of our partnership with E-QYP.  We use this innovative tool within our graduate program in Youth Development Leadership, and our students have field-tested it within their diverse work settings.  Their feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.  As youth development faculty and practitioners, we believe that E-QYP has the ability to significantly improve youth development practice, as it reinforces knowledge of developmental science and youth development theory.”

William Quinn, Ph.D.
Professor and Coordinator, Youth Development Leadership
Clemson University

Bob Barcelona, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
University of New Hampshire (formerly from Clemson University)

For Students:

E-QYP supplements classroom learning with practical child and youth development information, sample activities and resources.  The website provides a research gateway to child and youth development  reports and web resources.  Start you research for papers here!
Many college students, regardless of major, work or volunteer in a variety of child and youth program settings during their college years.  Even more do service learning projects with young people throughout the school year. As a student, E-QYP meets you right at the intersection of child and youth development content and state-of-the-art technology.  E-QYP takes child and adolescent development classroom theory and puts the basic information, application of the information, solutions and ideas in your hands.

E-QYP provides you as a student with:

… handy child and youth information at your fingertips through the iPad and iPhone App. 

… E-QYP content in Paperback & E-Book form for those who prefer print or e-book formats, and those using non-iOS tablets & smart phones.

… easy access to 400 child and youth development web sites through the E-QYP Dashboard. 

… the latest research and report announcements as well as ‘how to’ and learning videos through the E-QYP Sharing Blog. 

The University of Georgia Career Center shares E-QYP on its resource list for both human development and social work majors. Have your University add it to their resource list today!