Decide which E-QYP products and services are right for your organization:

iPad and iPhone App  E-QYP is the leading iPad and iPhone App for youth professionals and volunteers, available on iTunes.  E-QYP puts child and youth development information, how to apply it, sample activities and web resources in your hands and the the hands of your volunteer and work force.

Paperback & E-Book – The E-QYP app content for those who prefer print or electronic book formats, and those using non-iOS tablets and smart phone devices.  Available in English and Spanish.  The book serves as the perfect shared reference tool that can be passed among supervisor, staff and volunteers.   
Brochure Series – Child (elementary school-age) and youth (middle and high school-age) brochures on physical, cognitive, social and emotional development. They are a perfect starting point for volunteers as well as staff with some contact with young people. They also can be printed and shared with parents.

Training & Support  A range of technical assistance and support is available for your organization.  This includes E-QYP orientations, half to two day trainings, conference presentations and talks, and organizational development support to help you implement E-QYP into staff and volunteer development. 

Bookmark and use E-QYP resources and links regularly to support your operations:

Dashboard – An exceptional launching point into approximately 400 child and youth-related web resources, from federal agencies, national youth organizations and foundations, to statistics and funding resources.  Also link into your local resources via the “Map My Community” and the 2-1-1 Directory buttons. 

Sharing Blog  Stay up to date and interact with colleagues nationwide on what is being released and announced in the child and youth services field.  Sort postings by age group or topic to focus on specific information important to you and your organization.  

“How To” Activity Videos – Link to a wide range of videos that illustrate how to do age and developmentally-appropriate activities with children and teens. Sort the videos by age group or topic of interest. Share or use with staff and volunteers to enhance their performance.
Learning Videos  Links to videos that provide deeper insight and information into different aspects of child and adolescent development, and how to apply that information.  Sort the videos by age group or topic of interest.  Start the staff and volunteer conversation using the videos to inform the discussion.

We stand ready to help you with any questions about E-QYP.  Send a Message, or call us at 770-712-0210.