You’re excited about working with young people.  But, do you feel fully prepared?

Looking Forward

Understanding the basics of child and adolescent development is fundamental to working with young people.

Let E-QYP help prepare you.

To get the most from E-QYP, we suggest:

1. Learn about and identify the way you want E-QYP content:

iPad and iPhone App  the leading App for youth professionals and volunteers, in English and Spanish, available from iTunes for $2.99.
Print, eBook and iBook – hardcover and paperback formats available in English and Spanish from iUniverse, Amazon, Barnes and Nobles and other book outlets for $15.95; and in e-book format for Kindle, Nook and other e-book readers for $3.99.
Brochure Series – child (elementary school-age) and youth (middle and high school-age) brochures on Physical, Cognitive, Social and Emotional Development.  Download for free.

 2. Access web links to “How To” and “Learning” videos and “Sharing” articles, and then search topics of interest:

“How To” Videos”  Links to “How to” Videos that show techniques and strategies on topics related to working with kids and teens.
“Learning” Videos – Links to educational videos on topics that provide insight into children and youth.
“Sharing” Blog  Access to recently released reports and articles related to the child and youth field.  

3. Use the E-QYP Dashboard to access Child and Youth related web resources:

E-QYP Dashboard – With approximately 400 useful web links, the E-QYP dashboard serves as THE gateway to child and youth information.

4. Share E-QYP with friends and colleagues and provide feedback on how we can continue to improve E-QYP.