E-QYP is applicable to the full range of child and youth program settings in your community:


Church/faith-based programs

Afterschool programs

Child and youth development programs

Youth sports leagues

Parks and recreation departments

Scout troops & leadership groups

Day and residential camps

Service learning settings

Career and job preparation programs

Instructional skill-based programs

Military-based child and youth programs

Child welfare services

Group homes

Juvenile detention centers

Juvenile residential centers

Supporting Youth-Friendly Communities

Children and teens need “youth-friendly” communities for their growth and development.  All positive youth development models show the important role communities play in nurturing and supporting youth.
E-QYP provides a foundation of community-shared information and resources that supports the community conversation about youth needs and interests. It provides a common language, base of understanding and support from volunteer up through elected officials and community leaders.
As a Civic Leader — you are interested in a community environment that supports children and youth, and their healthy growth and development.  To promote a youth-friendly community, you can:
  1. Share E-QYP with your local child and youth serving organizations and agencies.  Present the information about E-QYP at community collaborative meetings to make all providers and professionals aware of this resource and discuss ways they can use E-QYP to enhance adult-child interactions and activities for kids and teens.  
  2. Print out and distribute the E-QYP brochures with your information on the back cover to show you promote an informed work and volunteer force serving your community’s children and youth.
As a Business Leader — you want to support efforts and initiatives that support children and families and promote vibrant communities.  E-QYP provides an excellent vehicle to fund and support the implementation of E-QYP information by a local organization, agency or collaborative.  To support and promote the implementation of E-QYP, you can:
  1. Underwrite the purchase of E-QYP app downloads, e-Books and/or paperback copies of “Equipping Quality Youth Development Professionals” for an organization, agency, or collaborative.  
  2. Sponsor E-QYP training and volunteer and staff development sessions.  
  3. Provide supplemental funding to the organization to help underwrite the costs for training and implementation of E-QYP (typically staff and supervisor’s time.)  
  4. Print out and distribute the E-QYP brochures with your business information on the back cover to show you promote positive youth development in your community.


E-QYP your community today by sharing and bringing E-QYP resources and tools to your community!