E-QYP Your Workforce and Volunteers

You’re looking for low cost, effective ways to bring youth development information to your staff and volunteers to support quality programming and appropriate interactions.  We’ve done the work for you.  

Whether in iPad/iPhone app ($2.99), e-book ($3.99) or paperback format ($16.95), E-QYP provides child and adolescent development information by four age groups: 6-8, 9-11, 12-14 and 15-18, and four developmental domains: physical, cognitive, social and emotional.  Each domain is then broken into smaller topics to make the information easier to find and follow.

E-QYP provides a basic description of what is happening at each age for each topic.  It then provides the translation of that information into how to apply it in your interactions with young people. E-QYP then provides sample activities that are age- and developmentally appropriate, and web resources that provide additional activities and resources.

 E-QYP your Organization and Community Today!

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