Frequently Asked Questions

What is E-QYP?

E-QYP is a registered trademark brand of WBK&A, Inc.  It is a range of products and services designed to support individuals, organizations and communities with child and youth development information.  E-QYP stands for Equipping Quality Youth Professionals.

Can I share information provided in the E-QYP app and book?

The Terms of Use allow you to use the information for personal use. The app also lets you share with others that you are using the E-QYP tool. It does not allow you to take and copy the copyrighted information and use it for general distribution outside the application, commercial use, or for personal financial gain. See the Terms of Use for more information about acceptable and unacceptable uses of the E-QYP tool.

How do I share information to improve E-QYP?

Contact us at Please refer to the Terms of Use regarding submission of information for E-QYP.