Bill Kearney, a 36 year child/youth professional, completed the research and development of E-QYP content with review and support from Beatriz Aguirre-Kearney.

To provide a peer perspective, four career child and youth development professionals reviewed and provided feedback on the material: Beverly Bolds-Hammonds, Charlotte, North Carolina; Lloyd Bullard, Sandy Spring, Georgia; Mary Mattern, Cumming, Georgia; and Sean O’Hare, Quantico, Virginia.

Jay A. Mancini, PhD, Haltiwanger distinguished professor of human development and family science, and director of the Family and Community Resiliency Laboratory, University of Georgia, provided immeasurable guidance and encouragement with the development of E-QYP.

Nancy L. Hollett, PhD, and Melissa Landers-Potts, PhD, of the College of Family and Consumer Sciences, Department of Human Development and Family Science, University of Georgia, completed an academic review of the E-QYP narrative content. The academic review confirmed that current scientific research and theory was accurately represented in sections on developmental characteristics, applications, and sample activities.

Joellen Talbot, Silver Spring, Maryland, proofed and edited the E-QYP narrative content. Joe Redman and Marcos Rivas created the custom artwork and processed the photography included in E-QYP.

William Quinn, PhD; Robert Barcelona, PhD; and their Clemson University Youth Development Leadership Program colleagues have embraced E-QYP. They have created opportunities for their students to apply E-QYP content to a range of local youth programs nationwide, providing affirmation and invaluable feedback for the uses and potential impacts of E-QYP.

The E-QYP app was created with the support of Manish Paranjape, Emmanuel Francis, and Emmanuel’s team at Regard Solutions, Marina Del Rey, CA.

Equipping Quality Youth Development Professionals is published by iUniverse, Bloomington, IN.  Eddie Wright, George Nedeff,Kate Van Zant, Lindsey Gearlds and the full team at iUniverse provided full editorial, design and marketing support.

E-QYP products are in English and Spanish.  Translation services are provided by Marc de Foucault’s team at Language Institute of Atlanta.