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Oscar Wilde once said: “The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the greatest intention.” Teaching your children to give their time to helping others is a great way to mold their character into something extraordinary. And as states, “Socially active children are not only more likely to become compassionate citizens but also to excel in school, avoid drugs and alcohol, and be creative problem solvers.”

Here are 10 ways that giving to others can give the most to your kids.

1. Volunteering broadens kids’ horizons.
Volunteering helps kids to better know their communities and the world. It puts them in situations where they are able to interact with people outside of their comfort zones, and exposes them to different types of people and cultures. Learning to other worlds will make your child smarter, more empathetic and well rounded as they evolve.

2. Volunteering teaches valuable skills.
Be it building homes for the needy, working at a soup kitchen, or tutoring less privileged kids, volunteering can help your children develop new skills. By having to show up and work that particular skill set, your child is not only giving, but also acquiring something quite useful in return. And you never know: a learned skill at a volunteer job could very well evolve into a lucrative and fulfilling career.

3. Volunteering teaches compassion.
When a child encounters some of the brutal realities of poverty and suffering, he or she will learn to think about others’ needs before their own, which makes volunteering a wholesome way to nurture compassion in your children. Some kids are more sensitive than others, so guide them in their selection process of the right position for them.

4. Volunteering develops confidence.
Nothing feels as good as doing good—so when you’re kids volunteer they will instantly start to feel a sense of self-worth and confidence, proudly knowing their efforts and intentions are tangibly making a difference. They really start to see how much they get when they give.

5. Volunteering teaches accountability.
By volunteering for something, your child is stating to the universe that he or she is accountable for a certain amount of hours, on specific designated days, to accomplish a task as part of a project that is greater than themselves—which is exactly how volunteering teaches kids about the power and importance of accountability.

6.  Volunteering can help kids choose a career path.

Given the multitude of volunteering options out there, you and your kids can view it as a great opportunity to explore different career options. From cooking or teaching, to building or medical care, your kids’ exposure to these different fields might help spark their interests and dreams as they start thinking about their futures.

7. Volunteering teaches the importance of collaboration.
Volunteering teaches kids how to work with others. It shows them first-hand the benefits of working together as a group, and the collective satisfaction that comes with lending a helping hand.

8.  Volunteering is a great way to make friends.
Volunteering is also a great way to make friends. If your child spends a lot of his or her time alone, encourage them to pick a volunteering gig that will not only expose them to other like-minded kids who want to make a difference in the world.

9.  Volunteering teaches appreciation.
Volunteering helps kids cultivate an attitude of gratitude, which in turns, makes them really appreciate what they have. Remind your kids that gratitude is the number one currency for the attainment of true joy.

10. Volunteering teaches kids about civic responsibility.
Volunteering instills a sense of civic responsibility. It teaches kids to create positive forces that can improve the quality of life for some of the people around them. It shows them how taking initiative creates positive change, and proves to them that all individuals can be agents for such change.

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